Territorial io 2 : Game Description

Territorial io 2

Territorial io 2 is the second chapter of the popular multiplayer game where you have to conquer the new territories to grow bigger and stronger. After the huge success of the first version, the developers decided to create a new one with even more new maps, new features and better graphics. For those who have never played this game before I would like to give some tips and advices how to succeed in this game. First of all, let me mention that the game is available both in multiplayer and single player mode. For newbie players, it is always better to start with the single played mode to play against AI and get the needed experience and knowledge which you can later use while playing against real people. Keep in mind that even when you are playing in multiplayer mode against real people, you may notice some bot players. The are usually more easy to conquer and people use them to make their territory bigger at the beginning of the game.

How To Play Territorial io 2

At the beginning of the game users choose the map. There are a lot of different maps available in Territorial io 2 so you can choose one that is more interesting to you. Then you have to place your starting point on the map. Choosing the location is very important and in fact is half of the success. Try to choose location where you are surrounded by water or mountains, this will give you protection from one side. Also try not to spawn near the huge number of players - the rapid attacks of the enemies can make you loose very fast. When the match begins, you have two choices - either attack with small ammount of troops or use all your army to conquer enemy. Keep in mind that some of the players will wait for your attack to strike you when you are weak so using all the army for a single strike is a bad idea. If you conquer the new territory, your army will grow and this way you will become stronger. You can make teams with other players and send resources to support them in battles. Territorial io 2 is a very addictive and interesting game because even the online matches won't last more than several minutes and you won't get bored playing it. If you loose you can either leave the server or wait for the match to end and continue playing. Play the full version of the Territorial 2 for free at our website and don't forget to share your thoughts about the game.

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